About Us


Head Teacher Curriculum Vision Statement

In addition to meeting all of the statutory requirements for providing a broad and balanced curriculum we feel that at St Nicholas Priory it is essential that children feel welcomed, valued and included into our school and so the way in which we teach, develop learning and engage children is equally important as the curriculum content. We are also aware of the needs of our local community and as such aim to represent their interests, create aspiration and also to provide a place where they can celebrate their talents and gifts.

Everything we do is driven by our ethos and values. We are primarily advocates for our children and community and have much to celebrate in terms of what the location can provide in supporting the curriculum offer.
As a school we primarily recognise the importance of behaviour for learning and given the rich diversity of our community, aim to bring different ethnic groups together and to use the curriculum to create harmony and a sense of common humanity. We also aim to challenge stereotyping and address social inequalities through ensuring that our children have an opportunity for critical thinking and challenge. It is also essential that we are able to respond to real world issues as they arise and provide children with a platform to develop their own thoughts, feelings and forms of expression.

Our curriculum is intended to be holistic and rich in celebrating the achievements of the children. It is a combination of a skills progression, big questions, a global aspect to ensure that our children become good citizens of the future and clear in core knowledge. It also signposts children to what might be possible through enriching experiences, enhancements and raising aspiration.

Maria Grimmer