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Priory Parliament

Priory Parliament

We are proud to present our St Nicholas Priory Parliament. A group of 12 democratically elected children who aim to represent the views of others, challenge inequality and injustice, act in the interests of the community and support the leadership of the school to impact positive change.

Who are our members of Parliament?


Hi I am Ingrid and I like animals, video games, my friends and family. I like writing, reading or sleeping in my bed.  I love school when I am not late, grumpy or tired.

I love being in Priory parliament because I get to learn alot about new important people every Wednesday and I loved it when we did a debate . I love it when we went on trips and I am so proud of being in this position ( parliamentarian)


Hi my name is Logan .
I like dogs and amphibians. I also like video games and my family .
I like being in Priory Parliament because it is nice to be able to help the world


Hi my name is Ella
I love cats and dogs. My favourite thing is acting and dancing and my favourite colour is pink. I would love to be an actor when I am older .
The thinking that I love about Priory Parliament is that I can help people and change the world.

Mariella Rosa Mangili

Hi my name is Mariella Rosa Mangili and I am 8. I love Priory Parliament because we make our world the best in the universe. We have to be serious. It is very hard.

You probably want to know about me. I am English, Italian, Irish and Scottish. I believe if we don’t take care of our world our planet will die. I don’t want great great grandkids to live in a dangerous world so please, please save our world. In Parliament we have lots of different people like singers, boxers, dancers, artists , teachers and writers.


Hi I am Tegan . I like video games and pizza

My favourite spoke is basketball. My faourite animals are dogs, rabbits and beardd dragons. My favourite colours are black and red.
I am happy to have this place in the Priory Parliament because I get to learn about new important people every Wednesday


Hi my name is Tamiry . I am 8 years old. I like dancing, art, music an helping others. I am really proud that I am in the school parliament because I like how people are trying to make the world a better place


Hi my name is Marie and I am a great person. My favourite animal is a deer or reindeer. I have a hobby which is singing and dancing. I have great friends. I also like the flower called a rose. It is the best flower to me. I also have great family .
In school I am a very special person a parliamentarian . It is a great job to do . I love it


Hello my name is Zaneta and I’m 9 years old . I am Lithuanian. I love animals, things about space and I am interested in science. I like playing the piano, doing art , craft and being lazy . I love Christmas .
I am proud that I am in Priory Parliament because we get to solve problems , tell our opinions , meet new people and we can tell our friends what we do.


Hi my name is Erlandas
I am 8 years old . I like playing Minecraft and football . I help my little brother and he is in year 1 .
I like helping the planet. I like the different people in Parliament I like going on trips in Priory Parliament


What is our pledge?

What do we do?

As effective members of parliament we listen to and represent the views of our class, we represent our school and we get things done!

We have currently been on visits to local supermarkets to look at recycling. We have also been invited to work with the children in year 1 who have raised concerns about the traffic outside the school.