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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Collective worship is an important opportunity to bring everyone together daily and think about faith, the world and spirituality.

It is also an expression of how belief and Christian values enable us to ensure that everyone ‘lives life in all its fullness as children of God.’ It is a moment to stop and reflect and to focus on God and to listen to his word.

We focus on a different Christian Value every half term. Our adopted values are: Aspiration, Hope, Service, Forgiveness, Trust and Love.

During these unprecedented times we are adapting to the circumstances to ensure we can continue delivering Collective Worship. When children are in school we take part in ‘Bubble Worship’ and celebrating in class. This is done daily and is hosted by the Class Teacher, Year lead, Head or Deputy Heads. We also have weekly contributions from members of the Minster. Our Bubble Worship takes place face to face where possible or through the use of video.

When children are learning from home a weekly collective worship is sent home through Class Dojo.

Our collective worship looks to the bible for inspiration as well as local and world events to encourage all who participate to gather, reflect and carry out positive actions.


“The remote delivery of collective worship has been both innovative and engaging for all within the school. The children have been excited to see which new location the collective worship was being delivered from each week and it has ensured they remain engaged. The use of technology has enabled the children to really experience and relate to the content covered. The children have spoken positively and highly about Collective Worship and have been keen to become involved themselves”
Mr King, Year 6 Teacher

“Collective worship is an important part of our school routine. It creates a time and space for everyone to come together to celebrate, learn and reflect.”
Miss King, Student Teacher

 “Collective worship has been a really lovely time for the students to reflect and ask questions about the world around them”

Miss Daniels, Year 5 Teacher

Collective Worship Videos


At St Nicholas Priory we strive for our children to become positive, happy members of society. Our curriculum and variety of activities enhance the ethos behind the Prevent Strategy and reinforcing British values:

  • WE challenge prejudices and racist comments and actions
  • Learn about different religions through RE and Acts of Corporate Worship
  • Develop a strong, positive self esteem for all pupils
  • Promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils
  • Promote British values through our curriculum and range of school activities
  • Constantly ensure the safety and well being of all pupils in our care
  • We will actively challenge children, staff , parents, visitors and any stakeholders who express opinions, or act in any way, contrary to our beliefs and values, including those expressing “ extremist “ views.
Tolerance Of Those With Different Faiths and Beliefs

Our school is culturally diverse and therefore we place a great emphasis on promoting diversity and tolerance of, through a well planned assembly programme and the RE curriculum. Our PATHS curriculum reinforce the need for tolerance. Although Christianity is the core belief of the school, other faiths and religions are taught to the children.