About Us

Church School

Being a Church School

At the heart of St Nicholas Priory lies our Christian character that echoes our values and beliefs. 

At St Nicholas Priory we are a family centred by our Church school ethos bringing together a plethora of cultures within our community to create a hub of Christian spirit.

As a church school we:

  • Celebrate with a daily Collective Worship
  • Have strong links with Great Yarmouth Minster 
  • Endeavour to serve others within the community and further afield 
  • Strive to create strong community links 
  • Create a culture of kindness that encourages our children to become responsible worldwide citizens 
  • Echo our values throughout all aspects of our school life 
  • Encourage all children to be good Christian citizens 
  • Encourage spirituality across all aspects of school life developing a sense of wonder, awe, curiosity and mystery;
  • reflect on the importance of a system of personal belief
  • recognise the place a Christian faith has in the lives of people