We Serve And Love Each Other


A warm welcome to our vibrant, happy and successful school. All of the staff at St Nicholas Priory Primary School are caring, experienced and committed to meeting the individual needs of every child, and to creating a secure and enriching environment.

We believe that it is important to raise every child’s aspirations, and to provide the opportunities for them to experience success, develop their skills, and broaden their horizons. As a Church of England school, we aim to provide not just high academic standards, but to develop and nurture every child, meeting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs.

We Serve And Love Each Other

‘I did not come to be served but to serve.’

 Matthew 20:28

Collective worship

Here is our weekly collective worship video from the Minster. The children watch this as a part of our collective worship in school and we would love for you to join in with our worshipping community at home. 

Purple Mash

The love of reading is one of the most important life ‘skills/lessons’ we can foster in our children. A book has the ability to transport us to another place and let us experience a reality unlike our own. It helps us develop the ability to empathize with others and gives us the opportunity to access experiences we might not otherwise have. On a more practical level, practicing reading makes the child more proficient at the skill thereby allowing the child access to more advanced resources and a greater chance of success across all learning areas.

Purple Mash offers Serial Mash, which is your very own library at home and a perfect way to encourage a love of reading during the summer break and beyond. For help on how you can access Serial Mash please check out the help video.


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