Global Neighbours

Global Neighbours 

During the Spring term of 2023 we achieved the Bronze Global Neighbour award showing our commitment to become global citizens through our outward looking approach to serving others in the school, local community and wider world.

We aim to be global citizens and agents of change through our constant exploration of how we can help to change the world through our actions. This includes exploring poverty and injustice in current world issues and issues that affect us. 

Global Neighbours has allowed us to identify our global themes across the curriculum, develop understanding of injustice and equality within RE and delve into issues in our Collective Worships which allows for us to continually ask children ‘What will you do about it?’. This leads to real world pupil led action such as collecting for the RSPCA to help poverty stricken families, fundraising using our local market place to help those suffering in Ukraine and working with a local pathway cafe to help those in need. 

Within our curriculum we explore themes such as deforestation through the study of books such as Tree Lady, Inequality though Malala’s Magic pencil and Philosophical and human themes with RE questions such as is it Ever right to use Violence? The use of themes of injustice and equality run through the curriculum across all year groups developing children’s understanding of the world and building upon it each year. 

Being a Church of England school we have chosen the philosophically rooted value of ‘I come to serve not to be served’ as the heart of our ethos. This feeds into our values of aspiration, hope, service, trust, forgiveness and love with the overarching value of kindness. Within our Collective Worship plan we include Unicef Assemblies to empower children with the knowledge of wider world issues such as World Water Day. We also include picture news within our Collective Worship led by our RE Leaders team. 

How have we shown courageous advocacy? 

We empower every child in the school to be agents of change as well as having many groups and committees that have specific aims. These include the following; Priory Parliament, Eco Squad, Community Heroes and RE Leaders. Although these groups are a pivotal part of our school, all children have an opportunity to express their ideas and concerns to Mrs Grimmer, the head teacher, to become agents of change. 

Examples of work achieved by these groups : 

  • Money raised by the RE Leaders through organising and running a stall on Great Yarmouth market to raise money for the people affected by the Ukraine war
  • Children are to work with people at the Pathway cafe to help serve customers and provide a safe space or those in need.
  • The Cosy Cafe run by the Community Hero group to provide mothers with small children and the community a place to gather after identifying a gap in the area
  • The Ecosquad identified a need for recycling within school and worked with the local council to aid this.
  • Priory Parliament working with another local school to tackle dangerous roads
  • Priory Parliament approaching local supermarkets about reducing plastics and their effect on the world
  • Children inspired by Collective Worship creating an animal food bank to help those who cannot afford to keep their pets