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The Curriculum at St Nicholas Priory

At St Nicholas Priory we aim to provide an in-depth exciting learning experience for all children at our school, across all key stages. We aim to deliver a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum where children are interested and in turn develop into interesting young learners. Governors and staff believe that the development of pupils spiritually and pastorally plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. We therefore aim to provide an education that provides children with curriculum opportunities that embed our PATHS programme of study, supporting British Values democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance alongside our Christian Values: aspiration, hope, service, forgiveness, trust, and love. In addition, we endeavour to explore and deepen children’s understanding of a variety of skills and knowledge basis across the National Curriculum and beyond. We aim to ensure our children move on as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible members of 21st century modern Britain. 


Curriculum termly projects run across all year groups, forming the backbone of the curriculum. These are then developed to involve our community and to include the backgrounds of our pupils. These ensure a consistent starting point across the school which can then be expanded and planned accordingly allowing for pupils appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities.

Cultural capital gives our children the vital background knowledge required to be knowledgeable and considerate members of our community who understand and believe in British values. This is achieved through a variety of areas including educational trips, expert visitors and through our reading scheme which has many cross curricular links.

Our Christian Values are at the core of what we do and believe in. Through the use of exciting projects we embed these values by teaching children about the world and the current issues that affect it. We encourage our children to be good Christians throughout their school day with activities such as collective worship and through encouraging Christian behaviour throughout the school and during non-learning times. Our projects have a strong Christian ethos and in the past have enabled links with vulnerable people, donations of gifts to the elderly community and donations to wider world charities. We believe that not all learning is curriculum based and every moment of the school day is an opportunity to be a responsible citizen. These values are revisited in continuous provision afternoons through assemblies.

Threshold concepts is an area we are working towards over the forth coming year. We will look to tie together the topics within subjects into a meaningful schema across the whole school. In this way learning can be linked across year groups so that concepts are revisited and expanded, deepening understanding. Linking categories across subjects would be a further step forward in developing our curriculum. 

Knowledge Organisers allow children to have an overview of key knowledge within a half termly project.

Global Issues are carefully planned into our curriculum by subject leaders. This ensures children are exposed and taught explicitly about what is happening in our world today.

We look to maximise the success for all of our children and believe that if they learn in an exciting way then they will remember what they have learnt.  We strive to ensure our children gain more knowledge, and remember more knowledge. We believe that children learn best when they have options and choices and can develop their own skills, knowledge and interests on their terms. Continuous provision allows for this to happen and for children to revisit activities, skills and knowledge time and time again to embed learning. Carefully considered and constructed activities that have a curriculum-based theme or focus on a particular skill are used in the afternoons where children can free flow between the activities and access them at their own pace.  All year groups have a skills/curriculum document that outlines the expected skills and curriculum to be taught within the year group. This also shows the progression of skills and what is being taught across the curriculum from reception to year 6. Facilitating many activities across a period of time allows children to revisit different aspects of the wider curriculum and develop skills that they may not be able to attain through a different style of learning. We fully believe our approach is developing the whole child and promoting a deeper understanding of both knowledge and skills. Rosenshine’s ‘Principles of Instruction’ which are referred to as part of our teaching and learning policy enable new material to move into a pupils long-term memory, linked to their existing knowledge.

We understand that learning is a change to long-term memory and so it is impossible to see impact in the short term. 

We use curriculum outcomes in foundation subjects to assess the success of pupils’ learning opportunities. Our curriculum will also be measured by how effectively it helps all of our pupils develop into well rounded individuals who embody our values and carry with them the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will make them lifelong learners and valuable future citizens.

Children will collate evidence of their learning journey in their scrapbooks and sketch books in KS2 and using Evidence Me across the whole school, where they have a virtual portfolio and record of their work. Our children love sharing their learning and will happily talk through the evidence and exciting activities which support their in-depth, purposeful learning experience.